Welcome – my name is Paul McNamara and this site is dedicated to my MG Maestro turbo and it’s restoration.

My first foray into the world of Austin Maestro was as a young 18 year old buying my second car which turned out to be a silver Austin Maestro 1.3l bought for the sum of £595 of my hard earned pennies. I did the usual teenager modifications buying MG spoilers and fitting them with assistance from my dad who probably thought I was mad.

I ran this car for 12 months trouble free selling it for what I paid for it only selling it for something faster and not being able you afford a real MG Maestro.

Fast forward a couple of years until I was 21 and MG Maestro Turbo registration G170 NYS was up for sale. This was number 216 of 505 which came off the production line and was finished in flame red.

I ran this car for 5 year until the dreaded tin worm became too much taking it off the road with the intention of restoring it back to its former glory. After 2 year and not having touched it what with life getting in the way I made the decision to sell it on – later regretting this many times.

I still hankered after another and kept my eyes open but, as with most BL products,  most turbos were now rusting away beyond repair or at least my capabilities.

Fast forward another 15 (ish 😃) years to 2013 when I found via the Maestro and Montego Owners Club MG Maestro turbo F939 SJN for sale with no MOT or tax having been taken off the road a number of year earlier and limited restoration carried out. This was number 108 off the production line and again in flame red. With over a 600 mile round trip to go pick it up a deal was done and number 108 was brought home.

Let the strip down and restoration begin…